Tea Industry Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Xiushui God is the only specialized in research and production of rare plants Qing Qian Liu Baojian tea business, the company is paliurus as raw material for the Ministry of Health to declare a certificate of health food production enterprises only, paliurus Sign up for the protection of the country of origin, product technology won the national invention patents, brand-name products by Jiangxi honor, which was well-known trademark licensing Meishan. Companies subject "paliurus of applied research and development," won the 1999 Jiangxi Science and Technology Progress Award in 1994, the company assumed Jiangxi scientific and technological projects - paliurus breeding test subjects, 2002 Ministry of Science, "Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements Transformation capital projects "-" God paliurus tea Development. "

The clinical and toxicological tests Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, China Xiyuan Hospital, nine showed an authoritative safe, effective, non-toxic side effects. Effective rate of 80% Buck God tea, tea hypoglycemic God's effective rate of 78%; lowering the effective rate was 82.3%, but also to prevent blood clots produce, regulate blood fat, prevent fat absorption in the intestine of. 

Access to health food certificate hypoglycemic God tea, tea buck God, God slimming tea series with its good taste and remarkable health benefits, popular at home and abroad. Currently, Xiushui God tea has become a major foreign exchange Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Food Industry key enterprises, Jiangxi provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, private enterprises in Jiangxi Science and Technology. 

Green tea money God series products have passed the national quality inspection United States FDA, Japanese Ministry of Health, the German Ministry of Health, the products are exported to Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia and other countries and regions, and has won the Hong Kong Food Expo International Family Health Products Gold Medal, the United Nations innovative invention Star Award, China quality Around the country qualified product quality supervision and inspection of well-known brands at home and abroad a number of awards, God of tea products designated gifts are designated as the 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia royal, China health nutrition Council Preferred products, Minister of the Republic, generals, entrepreneurs to celebrate the 60th anniversary of New China, especially for the tea ceremony, the exhibition pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai, Jiangxi and received 2011 China (Shanghai) International tea Expo Gold Medal healthy tea. 2012 Culture Award for Chinese tea, Chinese Top Ten Innovative leader in corporate culture, agriculture technology services Golden Bridge Award, Charity Award for Enterprise, the world care business special contribution award and so on. 2013 was China Health Nutrition Council executive director units, the China Sugar Association Diabetes Health Management Unit, green tea brand for the money god known trademarks Jiujiang, in 2014 the company won the national integrity of outstanding quality and service enterprises, green tea products to get the money God National Quality Inspection and stability of qualified products. Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Health News, Health magazine, corporate Observer, securities Herald, the China Pharmaceutical News, Xinhua, People, etc. 78 authoritative media coverage of the company, caused a strong sensation. 

God tea company's development is also highly appreciated by the national leadership and the heads of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee Wu original inscription "Spring full circle extra duty, an affair to" former State Minister of the Ministry of Health Qian Zhong inscription "R & D Xiushui paliurus benefit of human health, "the former national People's Congress Standing Committee, the national invention patent holder Huiguo inscription" God tea magic charm, fitness and health fitness center ", the former commander of the Beijing Military Wang Chengbin in the inscription" God Green tea money, reputation Four Seas ", founding general Wang Dinglie inscription" for the old revolutionary base areas serving the people, "Minister of the Republic of Liu Ji inscription" God Green tea money, Xiangpiao Expo "...... 

"Godsend paliurus, God tea health benefits," the essence of the natural world and the achievements of modern science and technology crystallized a modern health industry companies. "Paliurus a huge industrial chain," the company all employees are in good faith the spirit of innovation, people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence in business philosophy, a full range of services to low-carbon, health, environmental protection, development, trying to create the world's three high population health drinks brand, let the magic paliurus better benefit human health!